SEBA services and activities

Services & Activities

Services & Activities

A) Roundtable Meetings:

One of SEBA’s main activities is holding roundtable meetings for the purpose of:

  • Providing a networking platform where members can exchange their latest news
  • Raising issues of concern and presenting topics of general interest to the business community
  • Inviting official or prominent political and business figures as guest speakers, providing an ideal climate to discuss business issues concerning members

B) Workshops & Seminars:

Coherent, well-focused communication and exchanging of best practices help members build their businesses.

For that exact reason SEBA, invites experts and professional speakers from both governmental and private sectors to provide essential information about doing business in both the Egyptian and Swiss markets and help them formulate development strategies.

C) Social and Cultural Events:

SEBA holds Social and Cultural Events allowing its members to exchange social and cultural knowledge and enjoy traditional Egyptian and Swiss atmosphere.

D) Gala Dinner:

SEBA’s Gala Dinner is an annual entertaining event that takes place at the end of every year embracing a renowned keynote speaker. It is an opportunity to meet with all our valuable board and business members as well as official, political and business figures.

E) Trade Fairs:

SEBA provides its members with regular updates and contact information for Swiss Trade Fairs. Also, SEBA gives its members the chance to participate in the recommended trade fairs.  

Trade Fairs help SEBA members expand their business network, get exposed to different ways of doing business, and, hence support their business needs.

Inviting International Experts

SEBA can extend the wide array of services to include catering to the professional needs of its members by bringing special International experts from Switzerland in various sectors such as Finance, Hospitality Management, Research & Development,& Education to mention a few. This important service allows members access to insider information and grants them the opportunity to address crucial matters vital to the smooth and efficient flow of their businesses.


SEBA currently has 3 committees:

  • An Industrial Committee chaired by Eng. Tolba Ragab, SEBA Board Member and Chairman of Cairo Cotton Center 
  • An Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) committee chaired by Mr. Ihab Youssef,  SEBA Member and Risk Free President 
  • A fiscal committee chaired by Mr. Ashraf Hanna, SEBA Board Member and Chairman of WTS

These committees, on behalf of SEBA members, raise issues of common interest with Egyptian and Swiss Authorities in an attempt to find immediate solutions to any pressing relevant matters.

Visa Fast Track Services

SEBA works closely with the Swiss embassy and TLS Contact Service in order to facilitate visa procedures for SEBA members serving their business trips.

Employment Fair

SEBA is working on holding an employment fair to serve its members by recruiting the best calibers in the job market.

Trade Missions

SEBA is organizing Outbound and Inbound Trade Missions and B2B Match-Making events between Swiss and Egyptian companies to serve their business needs.

Factory Visits

SEBA organizes factory visits to different factories providing an insight on various industries and thus giving SEBA members the chance to broaden their scope of possible business leads.

Recruitment Services

SEBA helps its corporate members allocate the best calibers in the job market to occupy their vacancies.

Training Programs

As a part of SEBA’s continuous efforts to serve the business interests of its members, SEBA launches a new professional training service to its members by offering the best training courses in the market with very competitive prices to enhance their employees’ professional capabilities and job performance skills.

Event Handling Services

Among its broad range of services and activities, SEBA can handle the organization of events on behalf of its member.

Discounted Offers

Discounted Offers will be produced to offer SEBA members discounted rates in Hotels, Restaurants and Airlines as well as other exclusive offers. 

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