About SEBA

About Swiss Egyptian Business Association

Under the auspices of the Embassy of Switzerland, the Swiss Egyptian Business Association (SEBA) is a non-governmental organization that has been founded and established in 2004 by a number of Swiss and Egyptian Multinational Companies in Egypt. The main objective of SEBA is to develop bilateral economic and business relations between Switzerland and Egypt which represents an important market and a very promising Economy. It has been offering substantial support ever since and exploring potential business opportunities to fortify business relations between Egyptian and Swiss counterparts. Its current members include high profile influential business figures from multinational corporations in different sectors.
Welcome Note
Dear members of the business community in Egypt and in Switzerland,

Since its inception in 2004, SEBA has developed and implemented its vision and mission to foster and deepen trade, investment and economic ties between Switzerland and Egypt. It is the go-to association for companies that sell Swiss products and services in Egypt, that invest Swiss capital in Egypt or that export goods from Egypt to Switzerland. As a non-profit membership-based organization, SEBA is first and foremost keen on providing high-quality services to its members. It is helping them make the best use of investment and trade agreements signed by Egypt and Switzerland. These agreements provide an attractive framework to invest and trade goods and services. Thanks to its long years of professional experience and wide range of well-established contacts, SEBA organizes events and activities to help its members explore and address issues of relevance and interest to their businesses. The association attracts first class guest speakers from the Swiss and the Egyptian governments as well as many other renowned public figures to speak at its public and international events. I look forward to witnessing continued successes from SEBA, and to our intense cooperation in expanding business and economic partnerships between Switzerland and Egypt.

Paul Garnier
Ambassador of Switzerland
Switzerland at a glance
Switzerland is a small mountainous country covering a part of the Central Alps and the northern pre-alps. With its mountains, hills, rivers and lakes, Switzerland boasts a diverse landscape despite measuring only 220km from north to south and 350km from west to east.

Switzerland is characterized by a wealth of biological and natural resources concentrated in a small area.

7.5 million People live in Switzerland. Of these, about 1.6 million are foreigners.

Switzerland is divided between different language regions and reflects a number of cultures. Switzerland’s central position between three important European cultures (the German-speaking region, France and Italy) has led to its historically linguistic and cultural diversity.

Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Rumantsch.

Switzerland owes the high standard of its economy to its liberal market system, political stability and close ties with foreign economies. The state creates the necessary framework and only intervenes when this is deemed to be in the general interest.

Since Switzerland is a small country, its home market is limited. Switzerland is a big exporter and importer of goods, whit services and trade accounting for a higher percentage of GDP than in many other countries.
Vision & Mission
SEBA’s vision is to establish, foster and maintain sustainable business, investment, cultural, and educational relations between Switzerland and Egypt.

SEBA's mission is to explore and open channels of trade, cultural communication, and educational cooperation between Swiss and Egyptian organizations.
  • Fostering mutual cooperation between the Swiss and Egyptian Business Communities
  • Exploring potential business opportunities for members in the Egyptian and Swiss market
  • Providing a provision of reliable information on latest economic and business trends in Egypt and Switzerland
  • Liaising with Swiss and Egyptian Authorities on issues of interest and importance to members
  • Enhancing cultural awareness and exchange between the Egyptian and Swiss Cultures
  • Forming a liaison between the Egyptian and Swiss educational organizations